Campus: a to z index | map | directory | calendar return to the tco homepage technology venture development technology commercialization office available technologies current page available technologies home search contact us rss categories a mouse model of synovial sarcoma university reference number: u-4137 web published: mar 30, 2011 invention summary: the present invention provides the first and only genetic mouse model of synovial sarcoma, a highly aggressive, malignant childhood/young adult soft tissue cancer. Order viagra no prescription online This mouse model was generated by conditionally expressing the human syt-ssx2 fusion protein with myoblasts. viagra tadalafil 80mg It faithfully recapitulates human synovial sarcoma in presentation, histopathology, molecular markers, immunohistochemistry and transcriptional profile. buy viagra online without script Market applications: currently, the origin and pathogenesis of synovial sarcoma is poorly understood and patientsâ¿ response to existing therapeutic modalities is unsatisfactorily. This new mouse model should significantly aid our efforts to understand the pathogenesis of human synovial sarcoma and provide us a reliable and easy-to-use preclinical platform in the design and evaluation of novel therapeutic strategies against synovial sarcoma as well other sarcomas that have pathways in common with synovial sarcoma. online viagra sales Also, primary cell cultures obtained from these conditional mice will significantly complement the existing repertoire of in vitro methods to study this cancer. In addition, this model is a valuable tool for new imaging or diagnostic studies. buy viagra from canada Features and benefits: the first and only genetic mouse model of synovial sarcoma. viagra vardenafil 10 mg Unlike the existing xenograft mouse model, in this genetic mouse model, the synovial sarcoma was generated in a perfectly immno-competent mouse. buying viagra on line Therefore, biological or drug trial studies conducted in this new model can be extrapolated to the human case with a far greater degree of confidence. Viagra gold australia Complete penetrance in terms of tumor induction. viagra vardenafil 10 mg Predictable age of onset. Buy cheap generic viagra india Predictable end-point for survival studies. generic viagra Metastasis. cheap viagra for sale High tumor load within relatively short period. cheap herbal viagra Ip status: this technology is available for licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms. Related research: patent information: app type country serial no. viagra dosage limits Patent no. buying viagra online without prescription File date issued date expire date direct link: categories: research tools bookmark this page download as pdf licensing contact: john minnick licensing manager university of utah 801-581-6310 john. Minnick@tco. viagra best price usa Utah. buy viagra in usa online Edu inventors:. cheap viagra overnight delivery