In 4 weeks. buy viagra in usa online time magazine female viagra Side effects the two dominant concerns that men have regarding radical prostatectomy are incontinence (leaking of urine), and impotence (loss of erections). happens women have viagra The typical incontinence that men experience early on after prostatectomy is called stress urinary incontinence. viagra can women take This type of leakage is typically experienced with coughing, sneezing, standing up from a sitting position, or with other vigorous activity. viagra for women herbal Why are men incontinent after radical prostatectomy? viagra viagra viagra line It is likely the prostate plays a very important role in keeping men dry. time magazine female viagra Once the prostate is removed, only the external sphincter or pelvic floor muscles are left for maintaining continence. Viagra without prescriptions Although this is the muscle that women rely upon solely for continence, in many men this is not well developed. buy viagra online cheap free shipping As time goes on after surgery, this external sphincter will continue to gain strength even up to one year after the surgery. viagra pills cheap Early on most men will require pads to keep their garments dry. generic viagra without a prescription No more than 5 – 10% of men will require pads at the one year point and less than 1% overall require extra surgical help to restore continence. time magazine female viagra These outcomes are similar to the open prostatectomy outcomes at 12 months; however, it appears that the rate of return to continence may be much more rapid in the robotic-assisted series with often 50% of men being out of pads at 3 months and 80% by 6 months. This is believed to be due to the ability of the surgical platform (with magnification and wristed instruments) to significantly preserve functional urethral length important in the recovery of continence in these patients. cheap viagra Regarding impotence, nearly every man after radical prostatectomy will completely lose his erections temporarily. how viagra pill looks like After prostatectomy, men have normal sensation in the penis and can experience orgasm. cheap viagra sales However, during orgasm no fluid will be expelled. buy viagra without a script The remaining question is whether the erections will return. Order viagra no prescription online With time, erections typically return over the following 6-12 months. Viagra natural replacement However, some men will require 18 -24 months before erections return. buy generic viagra Return of ere. viagra history patent viagra generica